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Applicant represents that statements made are true and correct and hereby authorizes owner’s periodic verification of credit, income, references and other background information contained in a consumer report to include but not limited to credit, unlawful detainer, judgments, criminal background and bounced checks and agrees to furnish additional credit and rental references upon request. Applicant agrees to pay for said verification and application processing via online payment, money order or cashier’s check made payable to . If you would like to make an online payment, you will be prompted to do so once you have submitted this application. Application will only be processed once the application fee has been paid and if paid online, we receive the verification of online payment. Such payment is a part of the application process and is a charge for the consumer report and other administrative costs of application processing. In addition, Applicant hereby authorizes the consumer reporting agency to provide applicant information to various local, state and/or federal government agencies, including without limitation, various law enforcement agencies.